Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pesto Chicken Pizza

I guess with pizza, this is more of a topping suggestion or theory than an actual recipe. But it was delicious and I thought I should share. Sorry I didn't take pictures, it didn't last that long!
I put jarred pesto, fresh mozerella, fresh tomatoes and shredded chicken on top of my favorite (aka store bought) pizza crust. It was DELICIOUS (and green for St. Patty's Day)!!!! I might have skipped the chicken if my husband ate tomatoes... but the chicken was for him, and it actually made the pizza more filling, so that worked.
As a suggestion, if you like pesto at all, I would buy it at Costco, where it is about 1/4 the price as the regular grocery store, but you will have so much left over. Anyways, it was a good alternative to the regular pizza sauce, and was a little lighter than a standard pepperoni pizza.