Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zingy Peppermints

To me these tasted a lot like butter mints, you know that kind of melt in your mouth goodness.

1 Egg White
3 cups powdered sugar (or confectioners sugar if you are a pro)
3 drops of peppermint extract
2 drops of green food coloring (or any color you want)

4 oz bittersweet chocolate broken into chunks

Beat egg white until frothy and white. Add in powdered sugar until well mixed I used a pastry blender. Add peppermint and food coloring and mix well. Make teaspoon size balls and flatten a little with a fork, kind of like you would do with a peanut butter cookie. Place in refrigerator until firm (my dough was pretty stiff so this didn't take long.

Melt chocolate in a double boiler or a glass dish (oven safe of course) on top of boiling water. Allow chocolate to cool for a minute then dip the peppermints halfway into chocolate.

The kids loved them. I would post a picture but JetBlue lost our camera (well the whole bag, it should be returned today) and Jeremy took the other one with him on a second trip.

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